Friday, May 8, 2009

As a gift from my Dad we purchased a bike trailer for Asher so we could go on bike rides and get in shape this summer. We have used it almost everyday since we got it and Asher LOVES going for rides, which is good for me because it motivates me to exercise more. Thanks, Dad!

Easter came and Asher had his first Easter egg hunt in the front yard. He loved it and was a big fan of all the chocolate and candy. I'm pretty sure Jeremy ate most of the candy, though. That's why you have kids, right, to have a reason to celebrate all the fun holiday traditions. Jeremy will have to be careful next year though because Asher will be old enough to know what's going on :)

I'm not sure who reads this blog anymore seeing as I haven't updated it yet this YEAR! I'm so bad! So, to catch up I guess I'll start with Asher's 1st birthday! He turned 1 on Feb 13th and had a happy birthday with all his family, even his Gramma Mac and Justin who happened to be in the area for the birth of Sariah's baby Ellen. Here are some pics including one of India "helping" Asher open his presents. He wasn't quite getting the hang of it, so India volunteered her skills. Then of course he had cake and after some encouragement he dove right in and has LOVED cake since.

Monday, November 3, 2008

So here are some of Asher's neighborhood friends. His cousin India, and India's neighbor friend Tristan. We have SO many kids on our block. Asher really looks up to India. His girlfriend is a little girl named Hannah who we sit behind in church. He flirts with her all through sacrament. It really quite adorable.

Lions and tigers and bears, OH my! That was our theme this year for Halloween. Asher was very excited about the candy part. We went to the ward party and had a chily cook off. My chili won the "Best Looking"....hmm... I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not but I took the prize candy without asking. Maybe next year it will taste as good as it looks. The party was earlier in the week, but on Halloween night Asher and I handed out candy with Aunt Erin, and then dressed up in cousin India's dragon costume to visit daddy at work. Jeremy's work friends just adore Asher. And he is totally chill just being passed from server to server at the restaraunt. Except for Adam Wilson who sometimes makes him cry...So we had a pretty fun holiday for Asher's first Halloween.

This was taken on an outing with Asher to Provo Canyon. I was lucky to get him in such a great mood for pictures. He loves the outdoors...he thinks leaves are delicious. Asher is getting so big! I know I say that every time I blog, but as you can see he's standing pretty good, and I think he'll be walking soon. I can't believe how fast babies grow! I used to be able to easily cradle him in one arm, but now I definately need both arms, and soon he won't need me to hold him...*sigh* After Asher was born I used to wonder how women could ever go through that more than once, but now I understand. Before you know it they grow up and you forget the pregnancy and the delivery, and you just wish you could do it all over again. Well...I'm happy with just one for now, but there is definately room for more.

Asher "getting a drink" after the hike...or maybe we should say he was just cooling off.